Why choose me for your boudoir experience? Hmm, that’s a great question!!

We are not your average photography studio. We are a unique, private, intimate in-home portrait studio. My personalĀ goal is to provide ALL women that walk through our doors the ultimate empowering session. Something that you will walk away from feeling beautiful, sexy, CONFIDENTĀ and ready to take on the world.

Every woman deserves to be a Goddess for a day! I want you to look and feel incredible, I want you to feel confident and bring back the sexy, love your curves and be able to embrace the woman that you are! I want to transform the way that you see yourself, let me teach you to see yourself in a whole new light. Let me help build your confidence and capture your true beauty with one photoshoot.

Boudoir photography is my passion, it is my specialty and I love photographing women of every size and shape. I love the feeling of being able to provide someone with a complete pampering session and have them walk away a more confident person because of it. I love being able to see that transformation! I adore being able to show women that they are perfect just the way they are even if they “feel” they need to lose 5, 10 or 15 more lbs before they come. I am able to prove that not necessary.

I would love for you to experience this! Are you ready?

Send me a message and lets set things up! kristinehannahphotography@gmail.com or call anytime 705-875-7219